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Anatolia Batruch, PhD

Lecturer in Social Psychology

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Anatolia Batruch is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Social Psychology Lab, University of Lausanne

Her research interests include: the psychology of social class, intergroup relations, and social class inequalities in school

On this website you will find her CV, publications, and more on her current projects.

Félix Imhof / UNIL

Research Interests

Her work focuses on the structural barriers to social class equality in school as well as on the psychological consequences of belonging to a social class. 

She received a Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Ambizione grant (2024-2028) and will soon join the LIVES Centre as an Ambizione Lecturer to develop her work on social class and intergoup relations.

She is currently working on a project for which she was also granted a  SNSF grant: “Advancing the Psychology of Social Class: large-scale replication in four countries”.

She is also part of an interdisciplinary research team working on the PROFAN project: a large-scale three-wave experimental study conducted in France to study the effects of jigsaw puzzle classrooms. 


Selected Publications

Batruch, A.*, Autin, F.*, & Sommet, N.* (2022). Advancing the psychology of social class with large- scale replications in four countries. Accepted as a registered Report (Stage 1-in principle Acceptance) in Nature Human Behaviour.  PDF

Batruch, A., Autin, F., Bataillard, F., & Butera, F. (2019). School selection and the social class divide: How tracking contributes to the reproduction of inequalities. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 45, 477–470.  PDF

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